From day one, we set out to build a robust platform that connects charter groups and boat owners to their guests in a way that hasn't been seen in the industry before.

We found that many of our host already have their own websites. But they weren't getting the engagement or bookings they were looking for due to a number of reasons. Mainly most of the websites were over 10 years old. Their was no uniform between the boat listings. One boat could be listed for $480 a night, the same boat on another page could be listed for 15,026.75 THB, and even some pages there was no price. Plus you had to call up and hand your card details over the phone to book. 

Which as you can see does not put confidence in the potential guest wanting to book.

Our mission is to offer a simple, clean and accessible platform that breaks down the barriers and taboo surrounding peer to peer boat bookings.

Whether you're a guest, a host, a company or a charter group; we've built our platform for you in mind. See how we can help you today by exploring our website or contacting our support team in the bottom right hand corner.

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