List your Boat

Create a free listing with a few clicks. Describe your boat, upload some clean photos, and you’re ready to go. Be sure to keep your calendar up to date so travelers know when your boat is available.

Respond to Requests

You’ll get notified when someone requests, or books your boat instantly. Confirm or decline the trip as soon as possible, and contact the traveler if you have any questions.

Meet your Guest

Coordinate where and when you’ll meet your guest. Check their license, walk around the car, check the fuel and mileage, and send them off on their adventure.

Kick back and Boat

Rest easy, your boat is covered with up to $1 million in liability insurance, contractual protection for damage and theft, and 24/7 support assistance throughout the trip, so you can just watch the dollars roll in.

Pick up your Boat

Meet your guest, make sure everything’s in order, give them a high five, and head on home. Don’t forget to rate and review them in the app to help keep our marketplace strong and honest.

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