Credit cards can be declined for a number of reasons and SkipperMyBoat is not always given the cause for why a card was declined. If your card is declined or you cannot complete payment through the platform, first check the following:

  • Is your credit card number correctly entered?
  • Is the name on your card input as it appears on your billing statements?
  • Are there sufficient funds or credit available on your card?
  • Are you entering the appropriate address that your credit card is registered to?
  • Is your credit card expired?

If you've verified these things and the card is still being declined, our next recommendation is that you call your credit card company or financial institution. Inform them of the amount of the transaction and that you are trying to book a reservation through SkipperMyBoat. Most of the time, your bank or credit card company will be blocking the transaction for your own security. Once they confirm, you should be able to complete your booking. You can also always email us at [email protected]

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