No, your booking transaction must be kept on the SkipperMyBoat platform to provide a safe and secure purchase. Attempts to go off the platform by either party may result in a temporary or permanent account suspension. That includes offers to pay for the booking in cash or only paying a portion of the booking through SkipperMyBoat with the remaining to be paid directly to an owner.

When travelers and hosts go off our platform for payment SkipperMyBoat is not able to provide identity verification and additional security measures, refunds, fraud prevention, and customer service assistance. Customers assume all risk by bypassing SkipperMyBoat's payment system.

By using the SkipperMyBoat platform, you benefit from these added protections. If a customer pays an owner directly for any part of the booking, SkipperMyBoat has no recourse to help with a potential refund.

If a host has asked you to "go offline," or to take payment and/or your conversation off SkipperMyBoat's platform, please contact us at [email protected]. See also Why Should I Pay Through SkipperMyBoat?

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