SkipperMyBoat makes it convenient for you to search for boats that you may like to rent from a host. You'll want to make sure you have signed up for an account prior to booking, but you are able to search regardless of having an account with SkipperMyBoat.

First, navigate to and noticed the various areas of the home page. You can begin by typing in a location that you'd like to visit. You can also search by type of yacht.

Search by Location

Search by Yacht/Boat Type


Second. Once you've refined your criteria to your liking, you can browse the yachts available within your search terms. Select an individual listing to review the amenities and details that boat listing has to offer.

View the Listing

That's it! Proceed to Booking if you are ready to book the yacht of your adventures or Enquire with the Host if you'd like to get a few questions answered. You are always welcome to reach out to us at [email protected] if you need help!

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